Pranav Rajpurkar

I am currently on the academic job market (2020-2021)

My research is driven by a fundamental passion for building reliable artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for medical decision making. I approach problems in clinical medicine with a computational lens, developing AI algorithms and datasets across computer vision, natural language processing, and structured data that can drive AI technologies to support medical decision making. I am particularly interested in designing systems that integrate effectively into clinical workflows.

My research has been published in 25 peer-reviewed publications in both scientific journals (Nature Medicine) and AI conferences (AAAI), receiving 5800+ citations. My work has been covered by media outlets including NPR, The Washington Post, and WIRED. I founded the AI for Healthcare Bootcamp at Stanford, where I have closely worked with and mentored 95 Stanford students and collaborated with 15 faculty members on various research projects. I have received the NIH NHLBI BioData Catalyst Fellowship for 2020-2021. I write Doctor Penguin, a weekly AI+Medicine research newsletter with 3700+ readers. I designed and instructed the Coursera course series on AI for Medicine, now with 33,000+ students.

My PhD was advised by Dr. Andrew Ng and Dr. Percy Liang at Stanford University, where I also received both my Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Computer Science.